Author: Ashanté Shomari

About Ashanté Shomari

Ashanté is a senior at The Ohio State University finishing his degree in film studies with a focus area in video production. He is perusing a career in film making while developing his talents in acting, video editing, and directing. Ashanté aims to broaden the industry through illustrations of what he calls "the true American experience" representing ethnic and cultural diversity in film.

Ashofilmworks is interviewing Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender-fluid, and other queer folx via video and/or audio recording on all things Thanksgiving related. Exploring ideas of what it means to “have a family”, verses who we choose as our family. In conjunction with food, holidays, community, and building traditions. Please encourage your friendly neighborhood queers, via twitter and instagram to use #QueersGiving and lets share with each other what Thanksgiving can look like.

Requirements: Anyone who identifies as Transgender, Non-binary, Gender-fluid, and queer-alike.

Submission Instructions:
To be considered for an interview, email to with the subject line: #QueersGiving 

Include the following:

  • Preferred name/ Pronouns/ Preferred method of contact
  • Location (City/State or province /Country)

Feel free to include (*Not Required*): 

  • Photograph or video of yourself
  • Age