Ashofilmworks is interviewing Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender-fluid, and other queer folx via video and/or audio recording on all things Thanksgiving related. Exploring ideas of what it means to “have a family”, verses who we choose as our family. In conjunction with food, holidays, community, and building traditions. Please encourage your friendly neighborhood queers, via twitter and instagram to use #QueersGiving and lets share with each other what Thanksgiving can look like.

Requirements: Anyone who identifies as Transgender, Non-binary, Gender-fluid, and queer-alike.

Submission Instructions:
To be considered for an interview, email to with the subject line: #QueersGiving 

Include the following:

  • Preferred name/ Pronouns/ Preferred method of contact
  • Location (City/State or province /Country)

Feel free to include (*Not Required*): 

  • Photograph or video of yourself
  • Age